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Maverick Money Makers Review

The Maverick Money Makers Club, created by Mack Michaels, is an online community of affiliate marketers. After joining the club you're granted full access to all club materials including full length video tutorials.

People join Maverick Money Makers with varying degrees of experience and skill sets. Below is a breakdown of what the membership offers based on experience.

Affiliate Marketing Novice

If you have little or no experience with affiliate marketing you'll benefit the most from the video tutorials. Step by step advice is offered covering the basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

The course is not linear, so you can skip or advance to other video segments that you find the most helpful.

Intermediate Marketing

If you have a basic understanding of online marketing, but are having difficulty developing a full-time income, Mack Michaels teaches higher level concepts to separate yourself from other marketers.

A common mistake is to have a very broad approach, which results in an expensive and inefficient marketing campaign. You'll learn how to narrow your focus and identify buyers through video tutorials.

Advanced Marketing

The key to ascending to a super affiliate is to diversify. If you consider yourself an advanced marketer, earning a full-time income, you'll learn how to scale your campaigns and apply what you already know to new markets.

There are also video tutorials showing you how to transition from being an affiliate to becoming a publisher.

Unique Selling Point

Unlike most online courses or programs, you're given access to a forum to discuss the courses and videos. The club materials are updated monthly and you're also given Mack Michaels' contact information should you need one-on-one mentoring. Click here to visit website


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